Terms and Conditions

Join Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions herein represent the contract between the service provided to the Zid Solutions program.

First: General Conditions:

  • Must provide service, service, service, service period, service period exclusion, service period exclusion, and general service period exclusion.
  • The service provider must be a subscriber to the (Professional – yearly ) package in order to have the Zed Solutions program available to him.
  • A service provider and agrees that it has the right to provide services similar to the services of Zed Company – for example, but not limited to – opening distinctive electronic stores.
  • The service provider must immediately register all requests received from the Zed Solutions Partner Program (for example, but not limited to: WhatsApp or other channels) in its online store on the Zed platform.

Level Two: Service Provider Levels:

  • The service provider is entitled to higher levels based on the number of orders completed as shown in the table, and provided that all orders are made through the payment gateway (“ZPay”).
  • Level Customization Condition Features
Level Customization Condition Features
if 49 requests are completed and 10 are complete
  • 10% discount on the supply percentage (annual growth)
  • Certified partner (the service provider is provided with a distinctive mark (badge).
if 150 applications are completed out of 60 completed applications
  • 20% discount on the offer (annual growth package).
  • Add a service provider.
  • Certified partner (the service provider is provided with a distinctive mark (badge).
if 280 requests are completed out of 168 completed requests  

  • 20% discount on the offer (annual growth package).
  • Special invitations to the service provider for any exhibition/conference of ZD or ZD to participate in
  • Certified partner (the service provider is provided with a distinctive mark (badge).
  • As appreciated, the management of the Zed Solutions Partner Program, provides excellent services to the service provider as an incentive bonus.

Third: Service Delivery Policy

  • In the event that a service is provided for projects, for the first time with a service, and the service provider has not made efforts to solve the problem, by providing a service delivery service.
  • In the event of repeated escalation on the service provider, the alternative, the alternative, the closure, the service provider.
  • Without conflicting with Paragraph No. (2) of this participation in participating in the service, the value of the subscription period shall be refunded.